PharmaJet, Invectys partner in FDA approved cancer vaccine clinical trial

Wednesday December 20, 2017 0 comments Tags: Golden, PharmaJet, Invectys, Ron Lowy

GOLDEN -- PharmaJet, maker of innovative, needle-free injection technology, today announced that Invectys, a French-based biopharmaceutical company, received U.S. FDA approval to proceed with a phase II clinical trial of its therapeutic cancer vaccine, INVAC-1, using the PharmaJet needle-free injection system.PharmaJet_logoUSE  

Invectys previously announced the success of the phase I clinical trial of their INVAC-1, an immunotherapeutic DNA vaccine for the treatment of cancer. 

The company has performed studies to evaluate the PharmaJet Tropis® Needle-free injection system, both in human and animal clinical trials with no evidence of any safety concerns.

"We believe the PharmaJet needle-free device offers many advantages to patients and providers including less pain and stress, elimination of needles and provides a more precise and consistent method for vaccine delivery," said Pierre Langlade Demoyen, Invectys CEO.  

Cancer is a major public health issue and the leading cause of death worldwide, with approximately 14 million new cases and 8 million cancer-related deaths per year. 

"We are pleased that the PharmaJet Tropis Intradermal device has been chosen as the method of administration for this important cancer immunotherapy vaccine development,” said Ron Lowy, PharmaJet chair and CEO.

“The needle-free device is safe, fast and easy to administer, and has already been used successfully in numerous clinical studies for nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) vaccine delivery.”