Outdoor Recreation Capital Community to promote networking, fundraising through collaboration

Wednesday April 19, 2017 0 comments Tags: Denver, Outdoor Recreation Capital Community, ORCC, Karl Dakin, Dakin Capital Services


DENVER -- The Outdoor Recreation Capital Community has been established to help small businesses in the outdoor recreation industry raise capital.

Organizers said the ORCC will act as a fundraising coop.

“Like an Amish barn-raising, each member of the Outdoor Recreation Capital Community will help other members in successfully completing their capital campaigns,” said Karl Dakin, founder of the group and owner of Dakin Capital Services LLC.dakin-capital-services-logo 

“Like building a barn may prove too great a challenge for a single farmer, raising capital today may be too great a challenge for an outdoor recreation business. By teaming, members can raise capital quicker at lower cost with a higher rate of success”

Dakin said the Outdoor Recreation Capital Community was created for producers of products and providers of services that enable leisure pursuits in the outdoors: biking, hiking, hunting, climbing, fishing, wildlife viewing, off-roading, snow sports and water sports. 

It will act as an auxiliary to established outdoor recreation organizations by providing specialty knowledge and support on raising capital.

Each monthly program will feature a ‘Capital Seeker’ -- an organization raising capital -- who will present the details of their capital campaign for peer review by attendees. 

Presenters will receive feedback that will help them target their campaigns, manage campaign activities and build their campaign teams, Dakin said.

Xero Shoes, a producer of specialty footwear, will present its Regulation A+ investment crowdfunding campaign at ORCC’s initial meeting on April 27.

Monthly programs will also feature a Matching event -- quick introductions of people seeking capital with capital sources like speed dating. All capital sources (individuals, angel investors, banks, foundations, government programs, chambers of commerce and others with money, people, facilities, equipment and support programs) are invited to attend and meet Capital Seekers, Dakin said.

The group will also act as an information exchange on jobs, capital sources, economic development programs and outdoor recreation opportunities.

A Meetup site has been established at https://www.meetup.com/Outdoor-Recreation-Capital-Community/  to manage programs.

A Facebook page has been established at https://www.facebook.com/outdoorrecreationcapitalcommunity/ to facilitate communications.