Navigant: New report examines advances in battery tech and specialized energy storage

Wednesday June 13, 2018 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Navigant Research, battery technology, Ian McClenny

BOULDER -- A new Navigant Research report examines the future roadmap for battery technologies and provides market analysis and recommendations provided by governments, manufacturers, and business owners.NavigantNEWlogoUSE

As the global market for energy storage devices grows, research surrounding advanced battery technology is emerging quickly and will have a significant impact on the industry.

However, new business models and emerging applications call for improved battery design and power duration considerations. Improved electrochemical batteries are entering the market quicker than ever because of lower costs, better performance, and improved safety. 

“Though Li-ion batteries have been the leading advanced battery chemistry for new projects in the past several years, other chemistries may encroach on its market share as new technological developments come to market,” said Ian McClenny, Navigant research analyst.

“The emergence of specialized batteries is dispelling the notion that one energy storage technology fits all applications.”

According to Navigant, analysis of roadmaps for battery technologies suggest flow, advanced lead-acid, and sodium-based battery technologies will be optimized for specialized applications requiring more energy, power, faster charging, and safety.

The report recommends governments around the world take progressive steps to invest in advanced battery research by seeking out research laboratories to commercialize these technologies for emerging markets.

This Navigant Research report, Advances in Battery Chemistries Drive Greater Specialization across Energy Storage Applications, explores the incremental improvements that scientists and engineers are making in advanced battery technologies that can serve diverse use cases, including transportation and grid storage.

The study analyzes the traditional specifications, reported shortcomings, and future roadmaps of Li-ion, flow, advanced lead-acid, and sodium-based battery technologies. Navigant Research outlines the innovations happening on the individual cell and system levels and how these will shape the advanced battery industry.

Emerging markets for these batteries are detailed and key recommendations are provided for governments, manufacturers, and business owners.