NanoSphere develops new product for cannabis intake

Monday November 26, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, NanoSphere Health Sciences, Evolve NanoGel, Richard Clark Kaufman, Gary Symons

DENVER -- NanoSphere Health Sciences Inc. (CSE:NSHS) (OTC:NSHSF) today announced it has developed a new intraoral delivered cannabis product for the Canadian market that produces similar effects to smoking cannabis but is safer and more effective than edibles.nanosphere-health-logo

Regular consumers of cannabis know the effect of cannabis when smoked is very different than the effect when taken orally.

NanoSphere’s Evolve NanoGel uses the company’s patented delivery system to transport a full spectrum of THC, other cannabinoids and terpenes through the gums and directly to the bloodstream and into cannabinoid receptors.

The result for both medical and recreational consumers is vastly more effective products, the company said.

“Oils taken edibly go through the gut where THC is transformed by the liver into a more psychoactive substance called 11-hydroxy-THC (11-OH-THC),” said Dr. Richard Clark Kaufman, NanoSphere’s chief science officer.

“Both have psychotropic effects, but they are quite different in the way they affect the human brain, and many people do not tolerate 11-OH-THC very well.”

On the other hand, Kaufman notes that smoking or vaping cannabis may have long-term adverse effects on the respiratory system.

“With the NanoSphere Delivery System you get a very similar effect to smoking cannabis, but without risking damage to your lungs, and you don’t risk an overload of 11-OH-THC as you would by taking an edible,” he said.

NanoSphere, its affiliate NanoSphere Cannabis International (NCI) and partner firm Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. (TSXV:NINE) (OTC:VRNDF) (“Delta 9”) will be applying to Health Canada for approval to have the NanoGel oil produced and sold in Canada.

“There are several issues for Canadians that this new product line can resolve,” said NCI President Gary Symons.

“Many landlords and condo associations are now banning the smoking of cannabis, so for many people, they literally have nowhere they can consume a legal product without risking eviction or a lawsuit.

“Just as importantly, for medical patients, NanoSphere intraoral product is designed to provide faster onset, greater bioavailability, and precise dosage,” Symons added.

“This product has the potential to revolutionize cannabis therapies for a variety of medical conditions.”

NanoSphere is currently developing three primary types of delivery system platforms for cannabis. The first is the award-winning NanoSphere’s transdermal serum which is already being produced in Colorado and California.

The second is the Evolve NanoGel, an intraoral product line developed for Canada and the U.S. The third is an intranasal N2B (nose-to-brain) gel, a breakthrough product that bypasses the blood-brain barrier to deliver a much higher proportion of THC and cannabinoids directly to the brain, and, with a very fast onset time of less than 90 seconds.

NanoSphere Health Sciences holds the world’s first and only patent for nanoparticle delivery of cannabinoids through the use of a new stabilized, clinically-proven natural lipid nanoparticle called a ‘NanoSphere’.

NanoSphere launched its IP licensing program in 2015 and is weighing several licensing opportunities via a rigorous evaluation process. For more information about NanoSphere’s licensing program, visit: