Mary’s Nutritionals offers two new supplements

Thursday October 19, 2017 0 comments Tags: Denver, Mary's Nutritionals, Mary's Medicinals, Lynn Honderd, Jeremy Riggle

DENVER -- Mary's Nutritionals announced its newest cannabinoid innovation: two variations of organic, hemp-infused supplements that utilize the powerful combination of activated hemp extract, vitamins and minerals to offer increased bioavailability, ensuring the consumer sufficiently receives the maximum benefits of each ingredient.marys-nutritionals-logo

Mary's Hemp Good Greens, a juicing alternative with a hint of mint, and Mary's Hemp Protein Greens, a vegetable-based whey protein powder in a vanilla berry flavor, contain 80 mg of activated hemp extract and are produced in a GMP-certified facility.

The two new supplements will be a part of Mary's Nutritionals' -- sister company of the Colorado-based Mary's Medicinals -- line of revolutionary wellness products.

Available to consumers nationwide, the line offers numerous topicals, a transdermal patch and a tincture enriched with hemp oil and other whole-plant nutrients.

"We wholeheartedly believe that proactive daily consumption of cannabinoids nourishes the mind and body and leads to optimum health," said Lynn Honderd, Mary's Nutritionals CEO.

"Our whole-plant products are holistic alternatives to traditional medicine -- not alternative medicine -- that consumers of all walks of life can benefit from."

The widely reported benefits of activated hemp extract include anti-inflammatory, neuro-regenerative, stress regulator and reducer, increaser of bone density and more.

The recommended dosage for the Good Greens juicing alternative includes blending two level scoops into 6-12 ounces of water or juice once or twice per day. The company said.

The recommended dosage for the Protein Greens powder includes blending one level scoop into 12-16 ounces of water or another beverage immediately after exercise. 

"Both of Mary's new supplement variations have been crafted with organic, high-grade activated hemp extract, which is commonly used as a natural anti-inflammatory, as well as a unique blend of vitamins that are known antioxidants," said Jeremy Riggle, Mary's Nutritionals chief operating scientist.

"Situations where hemp-infused supplementation may prove especially beneficial run the gamut–from the growing teenager to the active athlete to the professional who sits at their desk for eight hours a day."

Each supplement costs $40 and is available online to consumers nationwide through Mary's Nutritionals.