Marizyme appoints two new board members

Monday December 17, 2018 0 comments Tags: Fort Collins, Marizyme, James Sapirstein, Terry Brostowin, Michael Handley

FORT COLLINS -- Marizyme, Inc., a publicly traded (OTC:MRZM) company focusing on acquiring late-stage drug assets for use in the acute care space for development and commercialization, today announced it is appointing James Sapirstein and Terry Brostowin to the company’s board of directors.marizyme-logo

In addition, the company has accepted the resignation of Juan Francisco Gutierrez from the board for health reasons and the resignation of Marco Nicolaides as treasurer. 

Sapirstein, who has been appointed executive chairman, is a highly-regarded pharmaceutical industry executive with more than 35 years of success in building companies and leading the commercial launch of nearly two dozen prescription drugs in the fields of CNS, infectious disease, and cancer.

He has worked at major pharmaceutical companies including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hoffmann-LaRoche and Eli Lilly, and has led commercial teams for successful biotech companies such as Gilead Sciences and Serono Laboratories.

In recent years, Sapirstein has been the founding CEO of early-stage biotech companies Tobira Therapeutics, Alliqua Therapeutics and most recently, Contravir Pharmaceuticals.

Brostowin is an attorney admitted to the Federal Court in both the Eastern and Southern districts of New York. He has extensive expertise in contracts and commercial litigation. 

Brostowin has advised the New York City mayor's office on judicial appointments and was a compliance specialist ensuring agencies followed court-ordered activities and ensured the financial integrity of the Financial Systems Division accounting and budgetary systems. 

Brostowin has been affiliated with the law firm Brostowin & Associates, PC since 2009. 

"We are excited to have James' leadership and deep biotechnology and public company experience on our board,” said CEO Michael Handley.

“Terry's legal and compliance background is an excellent fit for us as well and we look forward to utilizing his capabilities. Together, these appointments bring the company closer to its goal of becoming a leader in the field of acute care therapeutics."