MBio Diagnostics announces license partnership with Heska

Thursday May 17, 2018 0 comments Tags: Boulder, MBio Diagnostics, Heska Corporation, Chris Myatt, Kevin Wilson

BOULDER -- MBio Diagnostics, Inc. announced a product development partnership and licensing agreement with Loveland-based Heska Corporation (Nasdaq: HSKA), a veterinary diagnostics company focused on providing advanced testing solutions for the animal health market.mbio-logo

This is an exclusive partnership for multiplex immunoassay tests utilizing MBio’s LightDeck® platform. MBio Diagnostics and Heska will jointly carry out product development to capitalize on the strengths of both companies, MBio said.

The MBio Array System utilizes MBio’s proprietary LightDeck® technology, enabling simple, multiplex testing in a compact system. When paired with Heska’s proprietary reagents, the MBio system enables multiplexed, high sensitivity assays directly in the vet clinic without needing to send out to an expensive reference laboratory.

MBio’s immunoassay system enables tests for diverse applications such as vector-borne diseases, parasitology, and animal health and wellness.

This portable, easy-to-use multiplex reader can be placed into a wide variety of testing situations, from clinics to animal hospital labs, taking only little space, the company said.

“Commercialization partnerships are an important aspect of MBio’s business strategy,” said Chris Myatt, MBio CEO.

“We have made enormous progress advancing our platform technology in recent years, and we are now executing on strategic partnerships that open new high-value opportunities.

“Recent developments in the veterinary field have emphasized the value of multiplex testing solutions. Our partnership with Heska will provide this high quality of testing directly in the clinic,” Myatt said.

“We are excited to partner with a U.S.-based, local technology company for our leading edge, high sensitivity, multiplex testing solutions,” said Kevin Wilson, Heska CEO.

“MBio’s fantastic innovation, when combined with Heska’s experience providing gold standard healthcare solutions to the veterinary field, will provide veterinarians and their patients accurate, reliable, best in class results and as we build out the test menu, entirely new classes of point of care testing.”