It’s time for tech companies, education and all to step up their game to integrate conscious right brain systems thinking

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By Bill Van Eron

Conscious Business by Design Strategist

Headwaters Marketing and Innovation


I have huge respect for Peter Senge.

Charles Prather, DuPont Center for Creativity and Innovation founder, evaluated my IQ (Innovation Quotient) score in 1989. He suggested I study systems thinking and advance it. Peter’s work seemed furthest along, with respect to Deming and Ackoff. I tried to call Charles last year to thank him for the best advice I ever received, to then learn he had just passed away.

Such a loss.

The advancements I made increased the emphasis on internal/external ecosystem values as the key holders and requirements all have to meet to achieve success. It also is the most important body of work, as we may be the first to shape a truly human support system to model people-powered success as the biggest value to enable, earn, recognize and reward people.

Peter’s quotes offer truths more relevant today (Followed by my thoughts as to today’s relevance):

“The problems of today are caused by the solutions of yesterday.”

Leaders & most people hold on to values and approaches modeled by a time of much less change, hierarchical org models and long time functional and job position descriptions. Many leaders admire early adopters, yet their actions mirror extreme risk aversion. Success today requires everything being aligned to current market & employee values and requirements that earn trust & relevance.   

“In the machine age, the company itself became the machine, for making money.”

The high ratio of repetitive work and time-based performance justify growing concern that thousands of job categories will be replaced by AI. The future of work and human effectiveness (robots don’t shop) is akin to a living, thriving organization and market as one live interdependent ecosystem.

“Leadership exists when people are no longer victims of circumstances, but participant in creating new circumstances.”

I see reports & talk to Millennials and younger with great respect for their value & potential as change agents. As one who was earned regard in HP as a customer champion, change agent, integrated thinker & invested in others, I coach a path I travelled as empowering more today to integrate their values into orgs rather than expecting that to be in place.

“We need to be the authors of our own life.”

Too often, we accept the status quo when outside of a culture that encourages better approaches. Shape that culture and we all win, orgs prosper and we all grow.

“Knowledge is constructed, not transferred.”

“Constructed” speaks to real time and whole system insights and the ability to connect meaningful insights to actions. Leaders value intuition, yet that intuition has to tie to current factors versus historic ones. I see many new companies trying to usher in digital transformation – as do we – but all we have seen either provide same training to all and as stand alone knowledge transfers versus what we do to integrate personal, emotional engagement with learning, stimulation, relevance, inclusion and accountability as one natural support ecosystem all soon contribute to.

“The further human society drifts away from nature, the less we understand interdependence.”

This quote captures our mission and associated value as Headwaters uses nature as a learning metaphor since 2004. We advance the age of interdependency as vital to personal, career, organizational, market and community success. So far mankind is the only species to defy nature rather than learn from its infinite lessons. Fair to predict between now and 2022 enormous downturns. This will be to organizations failing to enable and be enlightened by internal and objective external sources… and fail to meet market values and criteria towards being an organization they regard.

Having worked in leading technology companies and some medical, financial and education orgs, the following is apparent as limiting their success:

  1. Left brain orgs tend to dominate internal culture and miss out on the vitality right brain people add to create engagement, trust, value, credibility and inclusion where the seeds of ideas and criteria can be sewn. Silos in general compete with each other, but any one dominates the others as engineering may often do, inadvertently become closed internally focused cultures.
  2. Very few have people in their BOD or leadership team that bring a more accurate view of the ecosystem that defines success so it can be achieved with the right requirements in mind. A small amount have assigned Chief Ecosystem Officers (CEO) – an acronym title that will either be modified or CEO’s will aspire to master. Having done and mastered that job, I can easily say it’s like having that magic mirror to reflect what really matters and how to achieve success.
  3. Technology needs better guidance and accountability that too few have stepped up to do.

The long-stated promise of technology is enabling people & greater efficiency. Gaps are revealed as we evaluate where technology actually enables greater human effectiveness. New reports are emerging to the contrary showing how high tech erodes our ability to reason, problem solve, focus, synthesize, collaborate and shape trust in relationships & brand. Given the rapid rate of new tech development and current predictions that the next three years will be even more tech-centric, at a time when being people-centric is arguably more important to success, this guidance is overdue.

Education has long been a requirement that was based on high relevance between what was learned and what industry required & rewarded.

Given how poorly business is doing to embrace the values & needs of employees and markets; the speed of tech disruption; and how long it takes education to adapt to change, the need is crucial for a new mindset and better partnerships so students and business each gain advantages lost today. Systems thinking reveals insights to how.

Conscious business, holistic thinking, design think and systems thinking have been around a long time.

Too few have mastered their benefits or advanced them. Having applied the best of them all, our purpose is to help others master what we have, as there is clear evidence of the huge value, timing and interdependent relevance. Left & Right Brainers unite and the possibilities are limitless.

Bill Van Eron

About the Author: Bill Van Eron

Bill Van Eron evolved Headwaters Marketing & Innovation ( to elevate design thinking to a far higher level to create a people-centered, tech-enabled, unique alliance-fueled solution in place – NAV360 - that addresses all or most that ails orgs stuck in 20th century models. We -- as a true Mastermind team -- offer agile access, experience and insight to what really matters internally & externally. All mapped to a values-based ecosystem that determines all orgs success or failure. We offer clients and a select few solution providers the boost they need in ways they can embrace fully. We can do this as Microsoft just confirmed, per comments stating “the highest value and rarest resource is one that has actually applied what more leaders say yes to but have no experience to call on to implement.” So I now offer that as an agile advisory service so more people and orgs can benefit sooner. Our work -- already decades ahead -- has evolved much further so have been talking to other major players seeking a major market to help and prosper from as well as the top business & digital transformation Gurus already eager to collaborate. This is a great time to be one of the first right-brain conscious designers of human enablement systems. I offer a free initial call to hear your thoughts and insert things that seem to matter as an initial qualifier to success you feel confidence in. Email me at [email protected] or leave a message at 970 221-0751 to discover your path to true value in an age where that is all that really matters.