Innospec ECOCLEAN diesel additive approved for GM’s TOP TIER program

Wednesday September 6, 2017 0 comments Tags: Englewood, Innospec, ECOCLEAN, TOP TIER, Jim Vrzak

ENGLEWOOD -- Innospec Fuel Specialties (IFS), a division of Innospec Inc. (NASDAQ: IOSP), today announced its market-leading ECOCLEAN 4200 diesel detergent additive package has been approved as a TOP TIER™ diesel additive.innospec-logo 

In 2006, IFS's ECOCLEAN product line was the first in the market to address the unique issues associated with the convergence of modern high pressure common rail (HPCR) engines and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), particularly in the demanding medium and heavy duty engine market. 

Innospec said ECOCLEAN technology has more than 10 years of proven market experience solving these end-user issues with billions of gallons of diesel treated with ECOCLEAN each year.

The TOP TIER diesel standard was established earlier this year by the TOP TIER OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) group in close coordination with the Michigan-based CQA (Center for Quality Assurance), which administers the program. 

The standards are intended to improve diesel fuel performance, quality, and cleanliness beyond existing basic market standards in areas such as cleanliness, lubricity, stability and detergency. 

For OEMs and other stakeholders, the TOP TIER designation has long been used by thousands of North American gasoline retailers. But until now, there were no similar TOP TIER standard for any diesel fuel. IFS wholeheartedly supports the TOP TIER effort to ensure diesel is fit for purpose.

"The detergency performance in the TOP TIER diesel standard is based on the industry-standard light duty Peugeot DW10B and DW10C engine tests," said Dr. Andrew McKnight, IFS Americas director of technology for performance additives.

"Although these two engine types noted are not yet widely available in the North American market, the 4-cylinder engine tests provide a good means for assessing detergency protection in light duty vehicles against nozzle fouling and internal diesel injector deposits related to fuel contamination."

"While TOP TIER diesel standard is an important first step towards improving the industry performance baseline, Innospec has found that medium and heavy duty diesel engines require detergency beyond the TOP TIER Diesel minimum requirements,” said Jim Vrzak, Innospec’s VP of fuel specialties.

“At IFS our focus is simple: remain committed to putting our client's needs first. We do that by providing premium products to meet the real world demands of medium and heavy duty diesel engines.

“While others choose to focus on meeting broad industry specifications first, we always look first to the needs of our client base."

*TOP TIER is a registered trademark of General Motors, LLC.