INterview with Byron Hewett, CEO of SomaLogic

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Byron Hewett has been CEO of SomaLogic since December 2013. SomaLogic is a Boulder-based life sciences company focused on aiding in the discovery and development of new diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining SomaLogic, he was chairman and CEO of BioBehavioral Diagnostics. He has also held leadership positions with Immunicon Corp., Qiagen, Bayer Diagnostics and Chiron Diagnostics. He has an MBA in Marketing, Finance and Strategic Planning from Northwestern University''s Kellogg School of Management.Byron_Hewett.Fixed

Q: SomaLogic was named 2015 Company of the Year by the Colorado BioScience Association. What do you feel distinguishes SomaLogic to receive this honor?

A: CBSA’s recognition of our company should, above all, be seen as recognition of our world-class scientists and their science, who gave rise to the breakthrough protein-measurement technology that is driving our growing success. Not only are our employees (both research and business) the very best in their respective fields, they are enormously passionate about the difference their work is going to make in the lives of literally millions of people.

Q: How does SomaLogic embody innovation?

A: We were founded and we constantly build on the innovative vision that our founder, Larry Gold, articulated 25 years ago, which laid out an entirely new way to detect diseases in their earliest – and most treatable – stages. Larry has more recently called his vision the ‘Wellness Chip,’ a cost-effective, single diagnostic test to regularly monitor each individual’s state of health. Such a test is something entirely new in medicine and could transform how health care is delivered. Everything we do now at SomaLogic plays a direct or indirect role in realizing that vision.

Q: How will SomaLogic continue to be transformative within life sciences?

A: Our technology is not only transforming how proteins are measured in the research setting, but is also transforming the way an individual’s proteins are measured in the clinic, and what those measurements mean for that individual’s health status. And our technology still has significant room to grow, both in its scope and its adoption across the life sciences.

Q: What kind of growth is SomaLogic experiencing?

A: As mentioned previously, our technology continues to grow more powerful, but we are also experiencing rapid growth in both the number of customers we have and the size of studies they are doing with us. To meet this growing demand, we are also growing our employee base and our facilities footprint in Boulder.

Q: What is SomaLogic’s human impact?

A: Our goal is to increase the quality of life for every person by helping them focus on maintaining wellness rather than managing disease. We are just beginning to see the impact this approach can have, not just in Colorado but also nationally and even globally.

Keep an eye on us: We are going to transform health care, and we hope you will hold us to that promise!