WeGrow: How to home grow MJ app launched

Thursday April 6, 2017 0 comments Tags: Boulder, WeGrow, Mason Levy, Steven Ernest, Jill Lamoureux

BOULDER -- WeGrow, an interactive educational app using proprietary chatbot-based technology, announced it released an app to help grow marijuana at home.

Launched in the iOS store, the WeGrow mobile platform personalizes cannabis home grow education and provides an entire growing community and knowledge base right in a user's pocket, the company said.wegrow-logo

“To date, WeGrow has had 8,200 downloads and has completed over 20,000 conversations: 97% of users want to grow cannabis in their homes, 65% of these users indicated they have faced frustration on how to get started,” said Mason Levy, WeGrow’s founder and CEO.

WeGrow said it simplifies the learning process, eliminating the need for exhaustive online searches and sifting through hundreds of conflicting opinions.

The app and its companion educational modules guide the novice grower through the germination, vegetative, flowering, and harvesting stages of growing cannabis. WeGrow personalizes the growing experience through simple conversations with ELLE, it’s Growbot™ and conversational agent, the company said.

The heart of WeGrow is education, community and empowerment, the company said. The WeGrow mobile platform allows growers to tap into the collective knowledge of the community, and empowers individuals to cultivate well-being.

Individuals interested in the new version of the app can download it at wegrowapp.com.

“As a novice grower, I ran into multiple problems throughout my initial grow,” said Steven Ernest, partner at MAZAKALI. “WeGrow helped me figure out the equipment and resources I needed to successfully harvest.”

Homegrown cannabis is legal in 29 states with a medicinal card and legal in an additional 8 states recreationally. According to a January, 2016 Harris poll, 18% of adults (approximately 45 million people) in the U.S. are interested in growing cannabis at home.

"I understand the process of learning to grow,” said Jill Lamoureux, CEO of Pure O&M. “Our research sessions could involve conflicting info from 15 books by master growers. Online, if you were lucky enough to find good forums with advice, the very next entry was 'that guy's an idiot, don't listen to him.

WeGrow was founded in December 2015 and is a portfolio company of CanopyBoulder.