Head Rush announces new products for zip line, climbing adventures

Thursday May 18, 2017 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Head Rush Technologies, LightSpeed, TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay, John Brosler

BOULDER -- Head Rush Technologies, a leader in adventure and recreation equipment, announced its new LightSpeed zip line trolleys that are set to transform the zip line market.head-rush-tech-logo

Every feature of the LightSpeed EZ Clip and the LightSpeed Micro trolleys has been engineered specifically to maximize zip line performance, the company said.

Both trolleys feature self-contained ABEC-rated bearings for increased lifespan and to make these the fastest compact trolleys available. Each trolley is designed with high-quality materials to be extremely durable yet lightweight.

The front impact surfaces will withstand impact braking while also reducing wear on braking equipment. The unique backup carabiner slot holds the carabiner in place, even during impact braking, to prevent drag on the zip line cable, the company said.

The patent-pending EZ Clip and Micro trolleys will join Head Rush’s existing Impact Trolley to form the LightSpeed series of zip line trolleys.

Head Rush also announced the release of TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay, a new speed device offering the same reliability and quality reputation as the TRUBLUE Auto Belay but made specifically for speed climbing.

With the growing popularity of speed climbing, speed climbing walls will be a norm in new climbing gyms. The TRUBLUE Speed is engineered to meet the core requirements for speed climbing auto belays set by the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), the company said.

The TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay is engineered to maximize the retraction speed while still utilizing the company’s patented magnetic eddy current braking for a gentle descent.

The retraction time on the TRUBLUE Speed outpaces the IFSC standards and will be fast enough to outrun even the elite speed climbers of the world, the company said.

The TRUBLUE Speed’s retraction rate is 2.7 seconds for a 10m wall and 3.5 seconds for a 15m wall.

John Brosler, national speed climbing champion and the climbing team’s speed specialist at ABC Climbing in Boulder, has been one of the first to use the new TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay.

“The speed device has been working great for Team ABC," said Brosler. “The kids are always commenting on how light and smooth it feels while climbing. The retraction is definitely fast enough -- none of us can outrun the device.”

The eddy current braking technology used in Head Rush’s TRUBLUE Auto Belays is also used in the TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay. The eddy current brake technology is extremely reliable because it is friction-free, with no contacting parts in the braking system.

The braking is smooth, low maintenance, and automatically adjusts to the climber’s weight for a consistent experience across the widest weight range of any modular auto belay, the company said.