Greenhouse Capital Community launched to raise funds for indoor ag

Tuesday April 11, 2017 0 comments Tags: Greenhouse Capital Community, Karl Dakin, Denver


DENVER -- The Greenhouse Capital Community LLC has been established to help entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital to increase local food production through indoor agriculture.

The group will act like a coop with each member helping any member seeking capital to successfully complete a capital campaign. By collaborating, it will be possible to share information and knowledge and to aggregate networks to create a super crowd, organizers said.

Karl Dakin, a capital coach and advocate for improving Colorado’s capital ecosystem, said he launched the Greenhouse Capital Community to “fill the gap between the capital industry and the indoor agriculture industry.”dakin-photo-copy

“There is a growing demand for local food and produce. To meet this need it will be necessary to grow food year round in greenhouses. Capital is needed. The best way to raise capital is as an intentional crowd of people who share a common vision.”

Dakin said monthly programs will feature a matching event (quick introductions of people seeking capital with capital sources), a presentation by an organization raising capital on the design and management of their capital campaign with feedback by attendees, a presentation on a specific capital source and attendee networking.

Dakin said the group is gathering information on indoor agriculture technology, greenhouse business models and integration of greenhouses into food hubs and farm-to-table distribution systems. 

Work is directed to development of a business model for minimal scale commercial greenhouses that can support a capital raise, he said. 

Dakin said the group will also act as information exchange on jobs, capital sources, economic development programs and indoor ag opportunities.

For more information, a Meetup site has been established at  to manage programs. 

A Facebook page has also been created at to facilitate communications.