GlobeImmune and NantCell work to advance tumor research in cancer trials

Monday August 28, 2017 0 comments Tags: Louisville, GlobeImmune, NantCell, Jeffrey Dekker, Patrick Soon-Shiong

LOUISVILLE -- GlobeImmune, Inc. today announced a number of developments in its clinical programs and licensing and manufacturing activities.globeimmune-logo 

The company previously announced that California-based NantCell, Inc., a member of the ecosystem of NantWorks companies, has acquired a controlling interest in GlobeImmune. Through this relationship, a number of programs have now advanced into multiple trials.

NantCell has licensed exclusive worldwide rights to GlobeImmune’s GI-4000 program, which targets the mutated Ras oncogene product, and which had previously completed phase 2 trials in resected pancreas cancer, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and colorectal cancer.

GI-4000 will now be evaluated in combination with multiple additional agents in patients with metastatic pancreas cancer, triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), ovarian cancer, urothelial cancer, head and neck squamous cell cancer, metastatic colorectal cancer and NSCLC, whose tumors express mutations in the Ras oncogene product.

NantCell has also now acquired exclusive rights to develop, manufacture and commercialize GlobeImmune’s GI-6207 program, which targets the CEA protein expressed in a number of solid tumors and the company’s GI-6301 program targeting the Brachyury protein.

In addition, NantCell has exercised an option to license GlobeImmune’s preclinical GI-6100 program targeting the MUC1 protein. GI-6207 and GI-6301 will be combined with GI-4000 and other agents in a number of the above described trials. 

More details on these trials can be found at by searching for “QUILT” trials.

Under the terms of each of these agreements with NantCell, GlobeImmune said it is entitled to receive payments on the achievement of certain product development and commercialization milestones and royalties based on net sales of products by NantCell or its affiliates or sublicensees.

In preparation for clinical trials of these products, GlobeImmune said it has re-started manufacturing activities at its Louisville Colorado facility and will be providing GMP product under a supply agreement with NantCell to support these trials.

“We are delighted at these developments,” said Jeffrey Dekker, GlobeImmune’s president. “They demonstrate the progress we anticipated with our new relationship with NantCell and will allow us to continue to explore the potential of the Tarmogen platform.”

“Our goal has continued to focus on the most comprehensive path to activating the innate and adaptive immune system and through our partnership with GlobeImmune, we are able to increase the number of molecular immunotherapy options we currently have available for patients,” said Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, NantCell’s founder and CEO.

“We’re looking forward to the continued work we’re doing with this innovative company and are excited to learn from the results of the clinical trials.”