Four Winds Interactive releases FWI Mobile Workforce to communicate with employees anywhere

Thursday March 17, 2016 0 comments Tags: Denver, Four Winds Interactive, David Levin, FWI Mobile Workforce


DENVER --  Four Winds Interactive  (FWI), a leader in the visual communications industry, announced the release of  FWI Mobile Workforce™, a tool that enables companies to communicate more effectively with an increasingly mobile workforce by extending the reach of their visual communications network to any mobile device.Four_Winds_logoUSE

Addressing the challenge human resources executives face in finding effective lines of communication and increasing engagement in today's agile business world, Four Winds said its FWI Mobile Workforce provides a mobile delivery system for an organization's visual communications, including integrated data feeds, reaching employees anywhere.

The cross-platform app presents an organization's employee-focused information on any type of mobile device, extending the reach and efficacy of the content, the company said. 

The new mobile product supplements an internal visual communications solution, giving employees access to important business information regardless of their physical location.

"The most respected companies in the world are using visual communications solutions not only for improving customer engagement, but also for internal communications to employees,” said David Levin, Four Winds president and CEO.

“The impact on employee engagement is dramatic, and our customers asked us to find a way to extend the reach of these systems beyond the office environment to also reach their mobile workforce.

"FWI Mobile Workforce allows companies to reach all of their employees, including those on the road, those who work from home or remote offices, and outside contractors. By using their smartphones, a company can communicate with them just as effectively as with employees in the office environment."

FWI Mobile Workforce features a modular design, and each element is customizable based on content, layout, and even security, the company said. The app currently features 11 pre-built modules, and clients can choose to leverage all of them, or select specific units for inclusion. 

The app ties in with enterprise security standards, keeping information secure and allowing clients the freedom to choose how their content is viewed. 

In addition to FWI Mobile Workforce, Four Winds Interactive said it is also releasing a custom mobile solution that can be tailored to fit any client's needs, including customer-facing applications.