Eco-Products releases new line of fully compostable caterer event containers

Friday February 16, 2018 0 comments Tags: Boulder, Eco-Products, Regalia, Sarah Martinez

BOULDER -- Eco-Products is expanding Regalia™ -- a fully compostable line of products for caterers seeking innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for their events.   

The line will now feature half trays made from sugarcane and available in one-, two- and four-compartment sizes, the company

A common lid – also compostable – makes stocking easy and drop-off catering even easier.

"These options are ideal for caterers because they're good for their customers and good for the planet," said Sarah Martinez, Eco-Products director of marketing. "They make life better for everyone."

The new half tray joins a variety of Regalia trays and bowls of multiple sizes, with lids to fit each of them. The line also features innovative accessories like a condiment insert for bowls, and the market's first bagasse multi-format serving utensil. 

Regalia's innovations include:

  • Bases made from sugarcane, a rapidly renewable resource;
  • Lids made from sugarcane or with Ingeo™ biopolymer, a plant-based plastic;
  • All products grease- and cut-resistant;
  • Products made from sugarcane are microwave- and freezer-safe (The bowl and tray lids made from Ingeo are not microwaveable.);
  • Each can be used with hot or cold foods;
  • All feature molded construction designed for strength and style;
  • The entire line is BPI certified and meets ASTM standards for compostability.

"Regalia pieces offer tremendous quality and convenience," Martinez said. "Caterers can pack up hot or cold foods, drop them off and then go, knowing that cleanup will be simple. Everything from leftover food to the containers themselves can go into the same compost bin."