Digital Optz launches integrated digital marketing for HC providers

Tuesday April 3, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, Digital Optz, Tim Coan, Matty Crescenzo

DENVER -- Digital Optz is looking to help connect healthcare providers with increasingly tech-savvy patients looking to optimize their healthcare experience.

The consumerization of healthcare is transforming the way patients search for, find, and ultimately select providers for receiving care, according to Digital

Seventy-seven percent of U.S. adults who now seek health information online began their journey at a search engine like Google (source:

Patients are becoming more informed, technically savvy, and looking for a fulfilling customer experience from initial touch points through to seeing their provider.

Whether it be a digital ad via paid search or social media post, or stumbling upon useful health tips from a medical practice website blog, patients increasingly use online information as part of their decision.

This reality, with all of its challenges and opportunities, was the impetus for the formation of Digital Optz, the company said.

Blending extensive expertise in healthcare and digital marketing across all verticals, Digital Optz is led by proven business leaders to help medical practices and other healthcare providers establish best-in-class, direct-to-consumer new patient growth programs.

"Patients now expect to interact online with their healthcare providers just as they do in so many other areas of their lives,” said Tim Coan, Digital Optz CEO.

“But too many practices are far behind consumer expectations. We built Digital Optz to solve that problem for our clients."

Digital Optz said it provides healthcare providers with a proven, systematic program for digital marketing that yields measurable new patient volume and high ROI.

"Our services are powered by a proprietary software platform that integrates with Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Vitals, and other systems to provide a unified, data-driven digital marketing solution to attract and convert digital traffic across channels into new patients," said Matty Crescenzo, Digital Optz VP of client strategy.

Digital Optz said it harnesses its proprietary software platform to extract online competitor paid ad budgets, channel mix, audience targeting data, to form a customized go-forward growth program for each specialty practice.

The Digital Optz team has managed over $50M in digital advertising spend while delivering a 3x ROI for clients.

Combined with leadership leveraging 18+ years of experience in driving top line growth for physician practices, Digital Optz said it provides fully managed digital growth program services with transparency and true accountability to the most meaningful business metrics like cost-per-acquisition and ROI from digital marketing.