NanoSphere Health Sciences to be acquired by Corazon Gold Corp.

Friday December 1, 2017 0 comments Tags: Greenwood Village, NanoSphere Health Sciences, Corazon Gold Corp., NanoSerum, David Sutton

GREENWOOD VILLAGE -- NanoSphere  Health Sciences will be acquired by  Vancouver-based Corazon Gold Corp. for $5.9 million.nanosphere-health-logo

Based on the Canadian Stock Exchange's conditional listing approval, Corazon will make its final submission for CSE listing and, concurrently with its listing on the CSE, will change its name to "NanoSphere Health Sciences Inc." and effect a de-listing from the TSX Venture Exchange.

"The completion of this financing and merger represents a significant step in unlocking the opportunity to become a true market leader," said David Sutton, Corazon president and COO.

For more than two decades, NanoSphere's scientists have researched and developed the revolutionary NanoSphere Delivery System to meet the needs of consumers, healthcare providers and suppliers. The NanoSphere Delivery System employs nanotechnology in the delivery of biological compounds for improved bioavailability, efficacy and onset of effect.

Under the brand "Evolve," NanoSphere has already launched its NanoSerum product for the recreational and medical cannabis markets in Colorado. 

Sutton said NanoSerum is the first clinically-tested transdermal cannabis product to relieve pain in minutes, and the company intends to build on that success by opening new markets for Evolve and developing new applications for NanoSerum.