Cool Planet receives patent for Enhanced Biochar technology

Wednesday January 24, 2018 0 comments Tags: Greenwood Village, Cool Planet, Jim Loar, Enhanced Biochar

GREENWOOD VILLAGE -- Cool Planet announced it received U.S. Patent No. 9809502 for Enhanced Biochar from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for intellectual property protection in the U.S. for biochar products created using the company's Engineered Biocarbon™

With the latest patent for Enhanced Biochar, Cool Planet said it has obtained more than 35 patents that cover a broad range of applications.

"This patent validates and protects our technology and ensures that Cool Planet will remain a leader in carbon-based soil health products for years to come," said Jim Loar, Cool Planet CEO.

"We have made significant investments in R&D to commercialize a biochar-based product that provides growers and producers with a reliable and consistent product to improve soil health and increase crop yields.

“We're proud and thankful that our hard-work has been recognized and that our Enhanced Biochar is now patented and protected."

Cool Planet said the composition of matter patent protects key physical and chemical properties of Enhanced Biochar that have been identified as critical for effective and beneficial biochar performance.

The proprietary Enhanced Biochar production process controls for properties such as: particle size distribution, total porosity, dioxin levels, pH, and other material attributes to provide a high-impact and consistent carbonrich material.

Conversely, raw biochar, while known for its soil enhancing characteristics, does not always benefit soil, and can behave inconsistently based on its material attributes.

Enhanced Biochar is a primary component of Cool Planet's Engineered Biocarbon technology. When used in soil-plant systems, Engineered Biocarbon technology works to support soil vitality and add value in specialty and commodity crop farming, turf and lawn care, tree transplanting, nursery and ornamental operations, green roofing, and LEED / SITES certification projects.

Cool Planet's premier product, Cool Terra® Organic, features Engineered Biocarbon technology and is available for sale through Cool Planet's extensive distribution network.