Connetix Health joins Catalyst HTI campus

Friday October 12, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, Connetix Health, Catalyst HTI, Mike Biselli, Kirstan Vandersluis

DENVER -- Connetix Health, a leading health application and data developer, announced it has joined Catalyst HTI, a health innovation center that seeks to bring together private enterprise, government, academic and nonprofit organizations with health care providers and payers to accelerate innovation and drive real, lasting change.Catalyst_logo

With offices in Denver and Colorado Springs, Connetix Health’s flagship product, “mCharts”, is a next-generation Personal Health Record (PHR) application that automatically collects records from patient portals, blending clinician data with patient generated data for a complete view of health. mCharts displays health information in easy-to-understand views including a visual body map and scrolling health feed. Health data is enriched with plain-English explanations and cost-saving tips.

Catalyst HTI is a healthcare industry integrator seeking to foster collaboration among health, wellness, and healthcare stakeholders under one roof.

“I’ve found Catalyst HTI members to be very open and helpful with each other,” said Kirstan Vandersluis, Connetix Health founder.

“The Catalyst HTI approach lets us work to collectively solve healthcare’s biggest issues in a very efficient way. Working closely with other healthcare innovators helps Connetix Health accelerate our goal of empowering individuals and families as better partners in care with clinicians, leading to better health outcomes with lower costs.”

“Reimagining healthcare includes empowering consumers with their own health records, so they are more knowledgeable and can advocate for themselves and family members,” said Catalyst HTI President Mike Biselli.

“We are thrilled that Connetix Health has joined us at Catalyst HTI, to help accelerate marketing and distribution of mCharts. This is how the PHR should work -- your records will be automatically retrieved and put in your control, so they are available when needed, for routine care or emergency use.”