Colorado Engineering unveils industry’s fastest FPGA accelerator card

Monday November 13, 2017 0 comments Tags: Colorado Springs, Colorado Engineering Inc., Larry Scally, WARP II

COLORADO SPRINGS -- With a legacy of delivering leading-edge custom engineering innovations for industry and military applications, Colorado Engineering, Inc. (CEI), has unveiled the industry’s fastest FPGA Accelerator Card: the WARP II eXtreme High Performance Compute Node.colorado-engineering-logo

With its dual Intel® Stratix® 10 FPGAs, the WARP II PCIe card delivers up to 136GB DDR4 per FPGA, 100GbE, and programmable OpenCL support allowing it to address today’s most challenging data-intense computing problems found in high-density datacenter and cloud service applications, CEI said.

“WARP II represents the most advanced off-the-shelf, PCIe, FPGA compute acceleration card in production,” says Larry Scally, CEI president and CTO.

“It delivers the power required to turn Big Data into actionable intelligence. High performance computing applications like machine learning and cognitive computing can all benefit from the performance gains our WARP II delivers.”

In addition to the dual implementation of Intel’s Stratix® 10 FPGAs, CEI said the WARP II supports up to 136GB DDR4 per FPGA and 20 TFLOPS of peak performance (10 TFLOPS per FPGA), making it the most efficient, high performance acceleration card in CEI’s long history.

The WARP II features a myriad of technological advances, including: 

  •     4x RDIMM – 264GB Max.
  •     QSFP+ 40/100GbE
  •     PEX PCIe x16 Gen 3
  •     139GB/s FPGA-to-FPGA
  •     Advanced SolidWorks Heatsink Design
  •     8GB Discrete DDR4 RAM
  •     Intel Max 10 FPGA
  •     Freescale K61 Microcontroller
  •     GPU-sized PCIe Form Factor

“Our engineers are involved in all disciplines of engineering,” said Scally. “As a result, the way they treat cause, size, weight, power and performance proves far superior to a product developed by someone with say a software emphasis who will produce a product that is a software solution.

“We don’t have that problem. Our engineers optimize design by taking this unique holistic approach to product development. The results speak for themselves.”

CEI’s WARP II is currently available and can be ordered directly from CEI at (719) 388-8582 or sales(at)coloradoengineering(dot)com.