CTA: Tech Tour 2016 revealed Colorado’s strong and growing tech sector

Tuesday August 9, 2016 0 comments Tags: Colorado Tech Tour , Colorado Tech Week, CTA, Andrea Young


DENVER – Colorado’s tech sector is strong and growing stronger, according to Andrea Young, CEO of Colorado Technology Association, in a statement released after last week’s second annual Colorado Tech Tour during Colorado Tech Week.Colorado_Tech_Tour_logoUSE

“Last week's Colorado Tech Tour and Colorado Tech Week was a huge success,” Young said. “We set out to put Colorado’s Tech Stories on the map and begin this week astonished by what we uncovered.

“We have a new appreciation for the amount of creative engineering, diversity and tech vibrancy happening within so many regions across our state. We witnessed an unexpected first-time product launch in Longmont, watched 2nd-grade Frisco students demo their coding skills and learned how our country’s top athletes use tech in Colorado Springs to win gold.

“But that’s just a small sample of everything we experienced. Through the 800+ miles on the bus with sponsors and partners, and meeting with more than 350 Coloradans across the state, we saw up close how tech is fueling Colorado’s economy.

“Everywhere in our state – from Grand Junction to Fort Collins and regions in between – tech visionaries are seizing the opportunities to build great companies and communities. Whether in geospatial intelligence, gondolas or education, it's clear that technology and the amazing engineering behind it is an essential ingredient to success. 

“As a Colorado native, I know these communities well, but have never seen them quite like this. We were able to observe the activities of these tech centers uniquely and authentically.

“Tech leaders are setting up shop across the state while taking advantage of Colorado's great lifestyle benefits. And trust me, their work and passion does not follow a shift - it's integrated into everything they do! Governor John Hickenlooper declared last week Colorado Tech Week, and the energy from being on the ground in these incredible communities will serve as a great platform to maintain that momentum in Colorado tech all year. Thank you to the Governor and all of the communities for such a warm welcome.

“It’s clear that Colorado is the definitive tech hub between the coasts and a force of nature, and we at the Colorado Tech Association will continue to work hard at strengthening its economy through tech.”

This year's Colorado Tech Week was held Aug. 1-5 and included stops in Colorado Springs, Frisco, Grand Junction, Fort Collins and Longmont.