Brewing Investors Guild launched for 'crowd' investing in craft brewing

Tuesday May 15, 2018 0 comments Tags: Denver, Brewing Investor Guild, Karl Dakin, Invest Local Colorado

DENVER -- The Brewing Investors Guild LLC is a new for-profit association whose members will act collectively as a ‘crowd’ to provide financial sponsorship, perform non-monetary support and promote businesses in the craft brewing industry.   

Members of the Guild can learn how to become an owner in their favorite pub “where everyone knows your name,” according to organizers. Skills will be taught on investing, operating a craft brewing business, supporting a local business, brewing/tasting beer and relationship development.invest-local-logo

The mission of the Brewing Investors Guild is to create a marketplace where ordinary people (non-accredited investors) can take action to help local craft brewing businesses succeed. 

“We are an action group,” said Karl Dakin, founder of the Brewing Investors Guild. “We are not driven by investors who write checks and then step back to see if the business succeeds or fails. 

“We believe in local businesses and we are fans of craft beer.  As a group, we will do what we can to help a craft brewing business start, grow and sustain its operations.”

“In my work in raising money for small businesses, I realized the need to build a craft beer industry focused ‘crowd’ of people that care about a business, not just making more money – impact investors,” said Dakin. 

“It is now possible for ordinary people to directly invest in a Main Street business. However, these businesses are not the types of businesses that think of investors as ‘other peoples’ money’ but as their customers, neighbors and friends. 

“These business owners are not intent upon flipping a business, but living their dream and supporting their communities. We need ordinary people who share these values and want to provide support to these businesses to come together within the limits of their money, time and knowledge.”

Dakin said fundamental to the goal of the Brewing Investors Guild is the development of skills. Members will be offered educational programs that will make them a valuable resource to any craft brewing business. 

Benefits will also include events, discussion forums, libraries and software services. Each new member will receive a copy of the Investing in Main Street Workbook and the Craft Brewing Investors Guide from the Local Money Marketplace PBC.

Members of the Brewing Investors Guild will act like a volunteer fire department, according to Dakin. When a craft brewing business declares its need for financial help, the members will organize and work with the business to help it find the capital it requires. 

Members will also provide customer feedback, act as business advisors and promote sales of the craft brewing business.

As an investor in a craft brewing business, a member may see part of their bar tab come back to them in profit distributions. Fractional ownership may also gain the member special treatment as a VIP.  Members may obtain passes to beer tastings and receive price discounts on beer purchases. 

The Brewing Investors Guild will offer a Basic Membership ($35/year) that includes a membership in the Colorado Investors Guild hosted by Invest Local Colorado LLC, a Colorado registered investment crowdfunding intermediary. 

Durban Indoor Hops LLC is currently sponsoring a $10 discount of the fee. Those interested can get more information and register to join the Guild at:

To obtain the discount, use the code: Durban.

Dakin said it is planned to offer an advanced Funding Co-op Membership ($325/year) to craft brewing businesses later this year.  Members at this level will receive training on conducting capital campaigns, a subscription to an interactive matching service for funding sources, free private placement listings on the Invest Local Colorado LLC platform and access to all members of the Guild as possible investors.

Dakin said operations are starting in Colorado with the expectation of rapidly expanding into other states and countries around the world.