Recipe for Innovation: 1-1/2 cups creativity, 1/3 cup disruption, 1/3 cup global insight

Recipe for Innovation: 1-1/2 cups creativity, 1/3 cup disruption, 1/3 cup global insight

Last year, Carrie Van Heyst and her friend, Brad Feld , got to talking about startup communities--he had recently written his books about the Boulder Thesis and how communities can create dynamic... Read More

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A penny for your thoughts. Real systems thinkers? Priceless.

By Bill Van Eron, Headwaters Marketing We've all likely heard that saying, "Anyone can have a good idea." As one who sees hundreds of ideas yearly, I am not sure a majority are good ones... Read More

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P2Bi raises Series A, helps small businesses via crowdfunding

By  Tim Harvey Crowdfunding has been a growing force in the financial industry, disrupting sectors each time it reaches a new one. Microloan platforms like  Kiva  and peer-to-peer lending... Read More

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Let's hear it for the feds!

This week the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade made its annual presentation of the Governor's Awards for High Impact Research to researchers at Colorado-based federal... Read More

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Denver Startup Week is over--What's next?

By Michael Price Executive Director,  Coalition for a Connected West [email protected] Innovation takes action. That's a core takeaway from Denver Startup Week and the... Read More

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Shift from STEM to STEAM to build better people and organizations

By Bill Van Eron CMO of Innovation and Market Value Creation Headwaters Marketing This builds on my last blog to connect dots few others see to create an even higher value. I am a... Read More

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Five elevator answers you need to have while fundraising

By Tim Harvey It is awkward to ask people for money. Whether an entrepreneur or fundraising for charity- most people are not used to asking for cash from other people. They're obviously not the... Read More

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How to invest to support Colorado flood relief

This past week I had the surreal experience of seeing a wall of water rip through my neighborhood in a path of sheer destruction. While I have been extremely lucky and have escaped flood damage, many... Read More

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