Avid 3D Printing technology takes giant leap with first HP 3D Multi-Jet printer in Colorado

By: Steve Porter Monday September 25, 2017 0 comments Tags: Avid 3D Printing, Loveland, Doug Collins, Bill Boland, Ryan Billson, HP Multi-Jet 3D Printer

LOVELAND -- Avid 3D Printing’s exceptional 3D printing capabilities have expanded dramatically with the company’s recent investment in a new HP Multi-Jet 3D printer that gives clients high-quality printed parts faster and more affordably than ever before.avid-printing-logo

“We are actually the first company with an HP 3D printer (like this) in Colorado,” says Ryan Billson, who co-owns Avid with its founder, Doug Collins.

“It will bring the cost down significantly over traditional 3D printing. It’s very cost-effective to print in large volume with this printer, and the fact we can do it so quickly is a huge benefit.”

Billson said the newly available HP 3D printer radically shortens the time it takes to print parts or produce prototypes.

“A bike frame that used to take 2-3 weeks to print we can now print in 24 hours, and it’s a stronger part with better details.”

Bill Boland, sales consultant with California-based Saratech -- a licensed HP reseller -- says the new 3D printer can print an item up to 15 inches X 11 inches X 15 inches.

“In the 3D printing world, that’s a decent size for production,” he says. “If you need something bigger, we can add other parts and build on that.”avid-inside.caption

Boland says the new HP 3D printer is ideal for producing prototypes and low-volume production runs for the aerospace, medical, transportation, education and consumer goods sectors.

Billson says the printer represents the “bleeding edge” of technology.

“For a company like ours that designs products for people, it’s great for creating fast prototypes.”

Billson says Avid’s client base is expected to grow exponentially with the new printer.

“It’ll of course benefit our inventors and entrepreneurs, but the real gain is in low-volume manufacturing for larger companies.”

Billson says Loveland’s renowned arts community will also find the new printer very useful.

“We can now easily scale a five-foot sculpture down to five inches so the sculptor can take it to the foundry for perfect replication.” 

Saratech’s Boland says the HP Multi-Jet 3D printer uses the highest quality printing materials while turning out products extremely quickly.

“There’s nothing that matches its speed -- or the cost, compared to historic data.”

Avid owners Collins and Billson say they are excited by what the new HP 3D printer can do for their company -- and their clients.

“We’re open for business,” says Collins. “We’ve been able to do a lot with our previous technology, but this changes the game.

“It simply gives us a production capability we didn’t have before.”

Boland says Avid is the perfect company to unleash the latest and best in HP 3D printing technology.

“It’s so great to see a small business like Avid at the forefront of things. They’re the right guys to get things started with this technology.”

To learn more about Avid 3D Printing and the new HP 3D printer, visit www.avid3dprinting.com or drop them an email at [email protected]

Avid Product Development will host an Open House for the public to view its new HP 3D Multi-Jet printer on Oct. 4 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at its headquarters, 129 S. Cleveland Ave., in Loveland.

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