Are you or your organization broke or ‘woke’?

By: Bill Van Eron Monday February 26, 2018 0 comments Tags: Bill Van Eron


Connect by shared values and revive your soul and that of your business

By Bill Van Eron

Headwaters Marketing & Innovation

I just love how younger generations cheat our language and patterns where convoluted, to create faster, simpler dialog, truths and actions.

When I look at how many processes and efforts to help us, inadvertently complicate us and slow us down, or stop us, such as; those that dominate legal, government, education and innovation management; it is clearly time for more of us to “woke” up.

Some examples of this in play are how -- in the midst of a growing trust crisis -- our younger generations created an informal trust network that influences all decisions. That “broke” decades of attention to sales and marketing as now, there is no sales funnel or customer journey.

And marketing, without a solid platform of trust, credibility and relevance -- and of late internal unity -- is just pissing money away. Woke up or broke up? The choice is increasingly clear.

Five examples of how to assess if you are broke?:

  1. Let’s face the fact that you may be the last to know and those closest won’t tell you. Despite this being a time of exponential change -- requiring a new mindset and evolved skills -- most of us cling to patterns and beliefs that worked in the past -- even a year ago -- but that are proving increasingly obsolete.
  2. Have you ever personally or organizationally invited a 3600 evaluation? A 3600 evaluation is key when one is committed to a team. As an organization, it shows your commitment to employees and your market. If not, that’s a true indicator that self-preservation and closed thinking may define you and your culture.
  3. Related to above, do you treat accountability like a four-letter word? You can argue that means you’re woke, but not likely as the beauty of open dialog and culture creates new thinking and a shared vision.
  4. Are you overlooking clear clues of failure? As a person, do others welcome your advice and feel listened to? As an organization, are you seeing low employee morale and retention? Are you experiencing lower organizational performance, inclusion, sales, marketing or eroding revenues? Are you seeing opportunities and acting on them faster? Does innovation flow or get stopped at every rock? Can’t cheat those clues.
  5. Do you embrace diversity or expect it to succumb to your beliefs? The workforce of today is increasingly diverse. True diversity means welcoming alternative, positive and negative comments and deliberation about what matters, how and when. It’s too easy to feel closed to challenging core assumptions, yet personally and organizationally, we need to so do to create trust and relevancy in our actions.

Five ways to assess if you are woke:

  1. Do you feel you are continuing to learn, grow, adapt and thrive as aligned to the values shaping this new economy? If so, you are on a path to a life and career of increased value and relevance. Organizations and communities are only as good as their people. People that care to matter, become recognized champions of values that markets feel are important and use that to enrich the brand.
  2. Are you and your organization conscious of the values shaping change -- enough to use them to create internal unity, external value alignment and as an engine for innovation and open dialog?
  3. Do you rise above the trappings of silos to champion a more externally-focused, value creating organization? That pattern will preview actions that can become a regenerative growth model and inspire others to have courage to challenge the status quo and achieve the impossible more routinely.
  4. Do you embrace your ecosystem across internal and external consciousness? Let’s face it, business humanity is the score of internal effectiveness and a strong purpose and social footprint are the score of your external value, no matter what you make.
  5. Are you excited about your collective ability to adapt and thrive? This should be obvious, yet it’s not a benefit to assume that you are there, after climbing a hill. It requires a continued commitment to evolve your business humanity as the only path to revenues growth and work that matters.

We all may initially love what we do, but that love has to pass the test of relevancy. This time of exponential change will blindside those that fail to understand the value tenets driving it, and apply that insight to guide our lives, careers and organizations.

We may all find ourselves in broke organizations, governments and communities, but the more of us that step our game up to woke up, the more we can transform those entities to dynamically vitality.

The decision to 'woke up' or walk a shorter plank to oblivion is upon us now.

Bill Van Eron

About the Author: Bill Van Eron

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