AirTurn announces upgrades to BT200 wireless footswitch line

Thursday November 15, 2018 0 comments Tags: Boulder, AirTurn

BOULDER -- AirTurn, Inc. announced the release of its latest wireless BT200 footswitch line, which combines 10 years of research and customer feedback to provide the ultimate versatile companion to more efficient and convenient uses of tablets and computers.airturn-logo

Core to the product line is the DUO 200, which features 2 completely silent but tactile foot switches that are good for millions of cycles. Combined with a Bluetooth 4 low-energy transceiver and a 200-hour rechargeable battery, the DUO 200 will quickly connect to any Bluetooth equipped tablet or computer, the company said.

The DUO 200 can be used with hundreds of apps on iOS, Android, Mac and PC to control everything from page turning, presentations, teleprompting, effects, DAW, transcription, lighting systems and just about any app that can receive keyboard commands, GATT or MIDI commands.

AirTurn said what is especially unique to this new line is that each switch can be customized by the user to do something different.

The AirTurn DUO 200 can be programmed using any Bluetooth 4 iOS or Android tablet or phone or Mac computer using the free AirTurn Manager. Switch behaviors such as momentary, latching and pulse options, debounce can also be assigned.

Keyboard commands may have modifiers and may even be macros. The user can also optimize the power/performance option for demanding applications.

All BT200 devices can be upgraded over the air (OTA) using the AirTurn Manager.

The BT200 line also includes the DIGIT 200, a multi-function hand-held unit that can have up to 4 switches plugged into it for a custom remote foot switch solution.

Completing the line is the QUAD 200 which is an extension of the DUO 200 with four foot-switches instead of two.